jamietheakston-zoe4jamietheakston-1mc-news-jamietJT Head & Shoulders South Africa Campaign pic.JT-FHJT-gallery1JT-Gallery2JT-GALLERY3MC-CLIENT-GALLERY-JAMIET3JT-Gallery4jamie-theakston_large JAMIE THEAKSTON and ZOE BALL. Licensed by CHANNEL 5 BROADCASTING. Five Stills: 0207 550 5509. Free for editorial press and listings use in connection with the current broadcast of Channel 5 programmes only. This Image may only be reproduced with the prior written consent of Channel 5. Not for any form of advertising, internet use or in connection with the sale of any product. JamieTheakston-header1 jamie-seperator-1Jamie-Theakston-001 jamie-theakston_620x713 jamietheakston-2 MC-CLIENT-GALLERY-JAMIET1 MC-CLIENT-GALLERY-JAMIET2 jamietheakston-emma2 JT-Royals jamietheakston-emma1 jamietheakston-zoe2 jamietheakston-model 01_03 TWI_2537752b1668008jamie-seperator-203_02Jamie Theakston (Arno) Jamie Theakston, sits on steps in front of Adam Mikloski, Victoria Srtillwell ande Charlotte Wilde who are all holding dogs Dogs Might Fly, Series 1, Episode 6